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How do I apply for permanent residence permit? Where do I submit the application?

Any foreigner who stays in the Czech Republic for at least 5 years can apply for a permanent residence permit.

If you apply for permanent residence for humanitarian reasons or for the purpose of family coalescence, you are obliged to document those reasons on your application form.


You will find more information about necessary steps for acquirement of permanent residence permit in section: Residence in CR document: Permanent Residence in CR.


What documents I need to get married in the territory of the Czech Republic?

You will each need: birth-certificate, nationality certificate, a document proving that you have accommodation in the Czech Republic, a document proving marital status (inmarried, divorced), eventually death certificate of husband/wife or divorce-certificate, passport or relevant document proving your identity, attestation about legal capacity.

You will find more information on marriage in section: Family, document: Marriage and Wedding.


How do I apply for a visa extension/residence extension?

Application form for extension of residence under a visa in the territory of the Czech Republic or application form for extension of validity of visa should be given in border and alien police office in the place of abode. It is needed to apply for extension of in-country period or visa validity period in case of long-term visas earliest 90 days and at latest 14 days before visa validity expires and in case of short-term visas earliest 30 days and at latest 3 days before expiring valid in-country period or visa validity period.


More information (in Czech) about the steps you should take to extend your visa validity period or residency can be found in the following section: Pobyt v ÈR.

What documents I need for acquirement of work permit?


The application shall contain

  • Identification information of the foreigner (i.e., first name or names, surname, maiden name, if relevant, country of citizenship, birth number or the date and place of birth, if a birth number has not been assigned, residence),
  • Address in the country of permanent residence, and a mailing address,
  • Travel document number and name of the issuing authority,
  • Identification information of the future employer (name, registered seat, identification number),
  • Type of work,
  • Place of work and term for which the work should be performed,
  • Any other information required for the performance of the work (model application for downloading).


  • Photocopy of the page of a travel document containing the basic identification information about the foreigner;
  • Declaration of the employer that it will employ the foreigner (model declaration for downloading);
  • A notarised copy of a document of professional competence for the field in which the foreigner is to work in the Czech Republic (vocational certificate, certificate of matriculation, university diploma, etc.);
  • A medical confirmation of the state of health of the foreigners, which must not be more than one month old;
  • Other documents if the nature of the job requires so, or if an announced international agreement, whose ratification was approved by the Parliament and by which the Czech Republic is bound, stipulates so.


What conditions do I have to fulfil to obtain a trade licence?

There are a few general conditions: You must be aged 18 or over, accorded legal capacity and have a clean criminal record. You must attach the following documents to your application form of registration: a document proving that you haven’t got any tax arrears towards territorial tax offices of the state (local tax offices provide this document) and a document testifying that the natural person, if he transacts or has transacted business in the Czech Republic, has no arrears in payment of social security contributions and the state employment policy contribution. (the document is issued by the local social security office). Both documents must not be older than 3 months.

Pursuit of trade is qualified by a registration and in some cases there is also a condition of professional knowledge or a evidence of work experience.


More information you can find in section: Business.


Do I have right to the state social benefits? Where can I ask for them?

An eligible person, and those associated with the eligible person, must have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic and fulfil specific conditions for concrete benefits as well.

For the purposes of the state social security benefits is as having permanent residence considered also: accepted asylum-seekers, persons with a residence visa for over 90 days or with a long-term residence permit, from the date of entry, from which expired the 365 days of time period.

Application forms for social security benefits must be submitted to the Office of State Social Support in the municipal office in the town of your residence and supported by relevant vouchers.


You will find more information (in Czech) about specific social security benefits in section: Sociální zabezpeèení, document: Dávky státní sociální podpory.


For whom is identified the Project of MPSV (Ministry of labour and social affairs of the Czech Republic): ”Active Selection of Qualified Foreign Workforce”?

The Project is planned for 5 years (begun in 28th July 2003). The Czech Republic offers to selected qualified employees possibility to apply for permanent residence in a shorter period – already after 2, 5 years of their work and stay in the CR (currently after 5 years). Together with the project participants, their family members will be also allowed to settle in the Czech Republic and obtain permanent residence there.

The project is open for:
Citizens of Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Canada. Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Serbia and Monte Negro, and Ukraine

graduates of Czech universities coming from all states worldwide (except whose who studied in the CR in the frame of development assistance provided to their state), who graduated in 1995 or later

graduates of Czech secondary schools from all states worldwide, who finished their studies and passed school leaving exam in 2000 or later.

You will find other relevant information about the Project Active Selection of Qualified Foreign Workforce on the website of MPSV or in the following contact address: Vyšehradská 43, Praha 2, tel: 224 914 620, -621, -623, -629.

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