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Maнай вебсайтын тухай



Web Site Home in the Czech Republic is a practical instrument for integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic. The intention of the web site is to increase availability of information among foreign nationals (especially from third countries), who stay legally in the Czech Republic.

Web Site Home in the Czech Republic has presently six language versions. Besides Czech version, there are available English and Russian Web Sites for the widest public. Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Armenian Web Sites are available for individuals, as well as for the associations of foreigners in the Czech Republic.

The basis of the Web Site is in the database Advice for Living in the Czech Republic, where structured information (advice and procedures) for various life situations which may happen to foreign nationals in the Czech Republic can be found. In this database, you will find advice such as: what documents are needed for contracting of marriage between foreigners, or when the child is born on the territory of the Czech Republic, or how to arrange health insurance and other useful information. You can also benefit from useful contacts in the Address Book.

Web Sites Home in the Czech Republic cannot solve all various problems, into which a foreigner can get into in the Czech Republic. Yet, it is a guide for foreigners who have to deal with standard situations. If you need active help with your problems, please contact adequate institutions and organizations from the Address Book.

Web Sites shall not serve only to individuals, yet also to organizations of foreigners as a source of updated information. Organizations can use the information in their magazines and periodicals and establish thus their social and legal counseling. Or, they may use the Web Site for presentation of their activities and announcement of cultural events.

Web Sites were established in 2003 within the ”Pilot Project Integration of Foreigners and Support to Organizations and Associations of Foreign Communities in the Czech Republic” financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, department for migration and integration of foreigners. Ministry of Labour further supported the Web Sites within Czech Helsinki Committee and IOM Project Empowering migrants: Integration through Information and Training of Public Officials and NGOs” financed by European Union in  2005-2006.

The administrator of the Web Sites is the International Organization for migration (IOM), Prague.

We would like to thank to Ministry of Labour of the Czech Republic, European Union and to the following partner organizations: Multicultural Center Prague, Counseling Center for Refugees, Counseling Center for Integration, Institute of Health Policy and Economics.



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